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  • Posted on:  November 12, 2012

Churches encouraged to text during Sunday sermons

Members of (INSERT YOUR CHURCH NAME HERE) a congregation won’t be told off for using their mobile phones during church services this Christmas.

In fact, the minister will be encouraging them to make more use of texting this Christmas, with the launch of Kiwiadvent – a chance to step into dramatic Christmas events through first person storytelling, delivered free straight to subscribers’ mobile phones either by text, facebook or twitter.

The texting initiative, Kiwiadvent (18 – 25 December 2012), is a partnership between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Presbyterian Youth Ministry (PYM) and (INSERT YOUR CHURCH NAME HERE).

The texts will unfold the Christmas Story from the viewpoint of a number of different people in the Bible. Each biblical character will share their own unique viewpoint on what they ‘see’, allowing the subscriber to journey through the final week of Advent, as they receive the messages at an estimated “time” that events would have occurred during biblical times.

Subscribers will share the dramatic week leading up to the birth of Jesus, as described in the Bible; experiencing in real time the drama surrounding the birth through a series of messages culminating on Christmas day.

(INSERT MINISTER'S NAME HERE AND WRITE YOUR OWN QUOTE – HERE’S AN EXAMPLE) said, “Kiwiadvent brings a fresh look to the Christmas story and gives people the opportunity to read it in the context of a familiar, and modern medium. The story is a good one and will never change – it’s just how we tell it that does.”

This innovative texting project is available to anyone to sign up at, or by simply texting ‘follow kiwiadvent’ to 8987.


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